Terms and Conditions

Read this Agreement thoroughly before using this website. Whether you are a "Visitor" (meaning you simply browse the "We Runners" site) or a "Member" (meaning you have registered with "We Runners"), you agree automatically and immediately to be bound by this Agreement and by any service-specific terms and conditions applicable to each Service by registering on, accessing, browsing, downloading, or using the "We Runners" website for any general purpose or with the specific intent of availing any Service. A Visitor or a Member is referred to as a "User". You are allowed to print or save a copy of these terms of service for your own private, non-commercial use, provided that you comply with this Agreement. You are not permitted to access, browse, or use the HDOR site, and you must immediately stop using the "We Runners" Services if you disagree with any of these conditions. You must read this Agreement and declare your acceptance throughout the Registration process if you want to join, communicate with other members, and utilise the "We Runners" Services.

Each person who has subscribed to the services of "We Runners" and to whom access is controlled by the use of a sign-in login and a password is referred to as an "authorised user," whether an individual or a legal body. The user chooses their username and password, or "We Runners" may assign them if both parties agree.

You consent to not using any part of “We Runners” services & solutions for profit by copying, selling, reselling, or duplicating it.


Any individuals who are at least 18 years old may use “We Runners” services. Underage users are permitted to access and use the website, but only with the assistance and supervision of their parents or other legal guardians. In such cases, the child's parents or legal guardians shall be held liable for all of the conditions of this agreement. By signing up with “We Runners”, you agree to the following uses of electronic records: (i) the completion of the Terms and the delivery to you of any notices given in accordance with the Terms; and (ii) the storage of information relevant to the Terms or your use of the Services. “We Runners” reserves the right to refuse any current or future use of all or any portion of its services, as well as to suspend or terminate your usage of “We Runners” services.


With the help of this platform, “We Runners” offers virtual fitness competitions in India. The types of services provided by the “We Runners” are listed below.

  1. Hosting an event
    • With this service, event planners can plan and host their events. The statistics of the event they hosted, including those on user registrations and submitted data, are available to authorised event organisers.
  1. Watching Events and Signing Up
    • Registered users have access to a variety of events that are hosted on the “We Runners” website. The registration link can be clicked by a member who wants to sign up for the event. The event specifics section will include any terms that are exclusive to the event, such as the event cost, rules, and so forth.
  1. Take part in the event
    • Data submission: The registered member must submit his or her activities in order to take part in any of the fitness events. Either manually or automatically submitted data is accepted.
    • Flag Runs: Runs may be flagged for further investigation in specific situations by registered members.
  1. Event Reports
    • All event results are published as reports on “We Runners” unless otherwise noted. These reports are open to the public.


  1. “We Runners” is not accountable for
    • Events that are cancelled or postponed by the organisers, if “We Runners” is not the event organiser.
    • Any harm or injury of any kind brought on by going to events. Participants in the event are fully aware of the hazards associated with it.
    • Medical assistance or hydration throughout the event.
    • If the participant does not take the required Covid-19 safety measures.

Organiser’s Duties

The organiser has a responsibility to notify “We Runners” immediately if it becomes unavailable or starts acting strangely.

The organiser is required to immediately notify “We Runners” in writing or by email of any changes to his or her name, company name, address, legal form, or bank information. The host shall not use the “We Runners” for unlawful or immoral events, such as violent, pornographic, or political or religious extremism.

The organiser shall not upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make available through the “We Runners” any information that is harmful, unlawful, abusive, threatening, obscene, tortuous, libellous, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, invading another's privacy, hateful, or ethnically, racially, or otherwise objectionable; the organiser and/or organizer's event shall not contain and/or promote any sexually explicit or sexually suggestive content, including pornography. The organiser and/or the organizer's event will not support or contain any means of selling or providing illegal substances; “We Runners” may not be used by the organiser to damage minors in any form; The organiser is not allowed to pose as another person or organisation, such as a representative of “We Runners” or a forum moderator, or to fraudulently claim or otherwise represent that it is affiliated with another person or organisation; The organiser is not allowed to alter identifiers or fabricate headers in order to hide the source of any Information sent over the Service.

Termination Right

You acknowledge that “We Runners” may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason or no reason, and without cause or liability. In addition, if the organiser violates significant terms of this agreement, files for bankruptcy, initiates insolvency proceedings, or the insolvency proceedings are dismissed due to lack of assets, or if other circumstances arise that prevent the organiser from meeting his contractual obligations, “We Runners” may, in its sole discretion and at any time, stop providing access to the services, or any part thereof, with or without notice.

General Terms

Due to the dynamic nature of the web, invisible/hidden contents, error, omission, or inaccuracy in written or digital form, “We Runners” will not be held responsible for any inappropriateness of the advertisement contents. The promotional materials are subject to removal and/or repositioning by “We Runners”.

Any predictions about the future prospects of “We Runners” made on the site are forward-looking statements that include a number of risks, uncertainties, and other factors that might cause actual outcomes to differ materially from those suggested by these predictions. There can be no guarantee that future outcomes will be realised, and actual outcomes may differ significantly from projections, estimates, and summaries provided on the website.

Intellectual Property Rights

You acknowledge that the Service's programming, databases, graphic design, and layout are all the property of “We Runners”. No other rights, licences, or immunities are provided or will be assumed to be granted to you under this Agreement, either expressly or by implication, estoppel, or other means, except the limited licences that are specifically granted to you under this Agreement. You may only use the functionality of the service as intended to visit this site, as permitted by this Agreement, and you must always comply with its conditions.

No intellectual property rights are asserted by “We Runners” over the content you submit to the Service. Your profile and any things you upload are yours alone.

You are not permitted to monitor or copy any content from the service using a robot, spider, any other automated device, or manual process.

Without the prior permission of “We Runners”, you are not permitted to sell, duplicate, reproduce, or otherwise exploit any portion of the service.

Without prior written consent from “We Runners”, you are not permitted to reproduce, replicate, or otherwise utilise any aspect of the service's visual aesthetic or organisational structure.

You are not permitted to change, deface, mutilate, or otherwise work around any approved software that provides access to the Services.

You agree not to access the website in a way that is inconsistent with how a typical human would use it, harvest or mine content from “We Runners”, or otherwise tamper with, damage, or otherwise interfere with any security or other mechanisms that are intended to regulate how the “We Runners” services are used.

You agree not to attempt to translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or hack any aspect of the “We Runners” Service, including any Service content made available on or through the website, except and only to the extent permitted by this Agreement, the authorised features of “We Runners”, or by law. You also agree not to use or access any part of the website other than how “We Runners” intends for it to be used.

You acknowledge that this prohibition extends to “We Runners” staff members and other users. You also agree not to advocate for or encourage, the harassment, abuse, or damage of any individual or organisation.

You undertake not to create a false identity or impersonate another person or entity in any way, or to give “We Runners” or any other user any false personal information.

You promise not to ask other users for their personal information or even try to.

You acknowledge that it is against the law to prevent anybody from using “We Runners”, to divulge personal information about a third party found on the website without that person's permission, or to gather information about users.

You acknowledge that you must not tamper with or attempt to tamper with the “We Runners” websites, other user accounts, names, or personally identifiable information, or other computers or websites connected to or linked to the Services.

You agree not to upload, transmit, or otherwise make available any computer code, file, or programme that could or is intended to disrupt the operation of any hardware, software, or telecommunications equipment, or any other element of the Services or computers and communications equipment connected to the Services.

You acknowledge that you will not tamper with or otherwise negatively affect the “We Runners” websites, networks, or servers connected to the Services, or transgress the rules, principles, or practises of those networks or servers.

You pledge not to break any applicable laws, rules, or this Agreement.

You acknowledge that you will not support or enable anyone to engage in any of the aforementioned activities.