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If you want to know more about “We Runners”, then have a look at the following questions and resolve your queries. In case your question is not answered here, you can contact us anytime using the details given on the contact page. For more you can reach us at

We Runners” is a club specially formed for lovers of running. It provides a virtual platform for those who are highly passionate about running. Anyone who wants to participate in various running challenges can join this club and run with thousands of other members of the club.

A virtual running event is where runners sign up for a race virtually and choose their own starting line. Here, it is not necessary to reach a remote location to participate in the run. You can run in your neighbourhood or your room on your treadmill. In this type of run, you just need to complete the distance, the track does not matter.You can run/walk at least 2km/day for next 21 days.

Yes, you can participate in as many events as you like. You only have to make sure that they do not coincide with each other. You just need to fulfil your running goal within the given time.

Virtual running is a very simple way of running in which you just need to follow the given steps.

  • 1. Find a running challenge you want to participate in.
  • 2. Fill up your details and submit them.
  • 3. Run to fulfil the target and track your distance and the time taken to complete it.
  • 4. Submit your results and earn rewards.

Yes, there are rewards for those who complete the challenge and give outstanding performances in the race.

To participate in a virtual running event, you only have to find an appropriate event suiting your goals and submit the required details. It’s as easy as that.

The greatest benefit of a virtual running event is that you choose your own start line. You do not have to go to any new place. You can run at your chosen location and your own pace.